Preschool Promise launches website as part of feedback gathering initiative


Cincinnati Preschool Promise has launched a new website to offer a quick and easy way for the public to provide input on and get answers to their questions about the emerging community plan for this historic effort.

“The Preschool Promise is a once in a generation opportunity to give every child a fair chance. While the Steering Committee is putting together its recommendation, we want to get as much feedback and input from the public as possible,” said Bishop Michael Dantley, co-chair of the Preschool Promise Steering Committee. “I encourage people to attend an event, simply visit this new website and ask a question or submit feedback, or reach out directly to us. We want to answer all questions people have and get as much feedback as possible so this initiative is as transparent, accountable and available to the public as voters should expect. This is a community-driven initiative and every voice is valued.”  

The website allows visitors to submit questions with answers from Preschool Promise staff posted on the site. Visitors can also read the emerging Community Plan, FAQ and more detailed information about Preschool Promise and research about the benefits of two years of quality preschool education.