The Persistence Project (Postsecondary Completion)

The Persistence Project is a collaborative driven by leadership and key stakeholders from Covington Independent Schools, Cincinnati Public Schools, University of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky University, Cincinnati State and Gateway, as well as Partners for a Competitive Workforce and the Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative. The collaborative is focused on increazing postsecondary attainment in our region by focusing on a few key drivers including: increasing math competency and improving intake and advising practices.

Leveraging the grant from Lumina Foundation, all four postsecondary partners have identified resources needed to complete the analytics that will help each to identify what interventions and combination of variables have the highest correlation with success. The postsecondary data collaborative worked together to identify interventions taking place at each of their respective institutions, as well as finalize a complete list of variables and scope of work for the analysis.

The result of this collaborative project will be a predictive model tailored for each institution that the Persistence Project leadership team believes will guide decision making individually and collectively as a community. The resources are expected to be in place to start data mining by June.

For more information, please contact:  Marina Hopkins at