Obama College Affordability Proposal Creates Opportunities for Cincinnati

Statement from Greg Landsman, executive director, the Strive Partnership, in response to President Obama’s “America’s College Promise” proposal which would make two years of community college free for all students.

The Strive Partnership applauds the America’s College Promise proposal.  Making community colleges more affordable for all students is a very significant step in the right direction.  A tuition-free college education will provide teachers and parents with the tools they need to encourage every child to consider a college degree, which is very important.  Kids need that motivation and support from the adults around them.    

In addition to using this opportunity to encourage more kids to go to college, our job as a partnership – and as parents – is to also make sure our kids are prepared and will be successful when they graduate from high school.  Right now, too many of our students must take remedial classes when they arrive onto campus, and many of them dropout.  It’s a trend that is getting worse, not better, and we must make smarter investments, earlier, to set our kids up for success in college.   

That is why the Strive Partnership is dedicated to ensuring every child is succeeding every step of the way.  It’s why our partners work every day to ensure that all expecting mothers have access to and are using the prenatal care they need to support early child brain development to providing meaningful supports.  It’s why as a partnership we are committed to expanding supports to parents in the first 1000 days of their child’s life and expanding access to two years of quality preschool for every child.  And it’s why we must make sure that our teachers and schools have what they need to maintain that success so that when our kids graduate they are ready for success in college or in a career.

The Strive Partnership is part of a national, cradle-to-career network, StriveTogether, and a subsidiary of KnowledgeWorks.