Data Driven

Working with key partners, the Strive Partnership releases education results, from kindergarten readiness to postsecondary achievement rates, offers high-quality data analysis, and delivers a portfolio of continuous improvement trainings.   The guiding principles of the Strive Partnership include a focus on data driven decision-making, facilitating and sustaining coordinated action, and advocating for and align funding around what works.  To measure its success, the Strive Partnership will track its progress relative to the seven priority outcomes, funding aligned to coordinated action, and key value judgments of the Strive Partnership from partners. In this area of the web site, we will highlight relevant education data and links to data sources that partners can use to understand and improve on what is working for students.  We are also working to promote data driven decision making at a broader level by partnering with United Way of Greater Cincinnati on a common definition, standards, and criteria of collaborative continuous improvement.  In addition, providing training and capacity building in using data to improve is a critical area of work to make progress toward our final outcomes.  We created Strive Six Sigma (Lean Six Sigma in the Community) in partnership with GE Aviation to advance these principles of continuous quality improvement and data informed decision making.  Finally, the Learning Partner Dashboard is a collaborative project with Cincinnati Public Schools and Microsoft to create a data management tool that will help partners be able to better track data on the students they are serving in order to ensure that we all know what is working and what needs improvement.  This is an open source tool that will be able to be replicated by other communities who wish to better organize and connect learning partner data.