Who We Are

StrivePartnership is a partnership comprised of leaders from the education, business, philanthropic, nonprofit, civic, and faith communities who believe in the importance of education and the impact of working together to change the system of education for every child, from cradle to career. 
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In 2006, a group of leaders from various sectors came together with one goal in mind: to improve academic success in the urban core of Greater Cincinnati. More than 300 cross-sector representatives joined the partnership, including school district superintendents, early-childhood educators, non-profit practitioners, business leaders, community and corporate funders, city officials, and university presidents. All these leaders were dedicated to seeing our students succeed.

These leaders had no intention of launching a new program, but rather a partnership where they would work together to transform education. They agreed on a common set of goals, outcomes and success indicators, including kindergarten readiness, fourth-grade reading and math scores, graduation rates and college completion. The partnership recognized that aligning their work, setting goals together, and investing in a common vision would fundamentally change the current state of how they approached the larger system of education.

Our Work & Goals:

The partnership’s work is dedicated to supporting every child, every step of the way, cradle to career. This work is accomplished through:

  • Catalyzing and supporting collaborative action
  • Promoting a culture of continuous improvement
  • Aligning resources to what works


The partnership is driven by five shared goals: That every child

  • is supported inside and outside of school
  • is prepared for school
  • completes some form of postsecondary education or training
  • succeeds academically
  • enters and advances in a meaningful career

The partnership works collectively to accomplish these goals through:

  • Developing a shared vision and supporting systems change leaders
  • Engaging and empowering leaders as agents of systems change
  • Using actionable data and continuous improvement
  • Aligning resources to support what works
  • Pursuing local and institutional policy change
  • Advocating for equity at all levels of the system


Contact information:

One W. 4th Street, Suite 200
Cincinnati, OH 45202
email: info@strivepartnership.org