Reading and Math Achievement, Covington Independent Schools

Covington Independent Schools uses the Kentucky Core Content Test to assess progress in reading and math. The targets reported below represent the state level AYP (adequate yearly progress) targets.

Grade four has been designated as a critical milestone for student progress in reading, representing a shift from learning how to read to reading to learn.
Competence in mathematics is essential for functioning in everyday life as well as for success in our increasingly technological workplace. Early assessment in both reading and math is important in order to ensure students are achieving at grade level and to offer interventions to those who are not. 
What It Tells Us:
Although the percent of fourth grade students at or above reading proficiency decreased from the previous year. The data is inconsistent for eighth grade students, but has seen a 1 percentage point decrease from the previous year and a 2 percentage point increase since the baseline. A gap remains between the district and the state average in both cases.

What It Tells Us:
The percent of fourth grade students at or above proficiency increased 4 percentage points since the most recent year and 40 percentage points since the baseline year. Eighth grade math scores decreased 2 percentage points from the most recent year, but increased 14 percentage points over the baseline year.
In both reading and math there exists a more pronounced gap between district and state scores on eighth grade acheivement tests.
*Ohio and Kentucky use different assessments to measure achievement, therefore the data are not comparable across states.