SMART Tutoring Network

The SMART Tutoring Network provides awareness of and access to a network of trained, high quality, caring and supportive academic tutors for Cincinnati Public School (CPS) K-8 students. Following the Strive Student’s Roadmap to Success, the Tutoring SSN works to ensure that every elementary student in Cincinnati Public Schools who is receiving tutoring is getting the exact help that he or she needs to establish a successful academic experience from kindergarten through elementary leading to middle school.

The Tutoring Network has taken on several initiatives. The Bearcat Buddies pilot program will provide academic support to students in CPS by placing 50 students from the University of Cincinnati into four elementary schools (Hays-Porter School, Rees E. Price Academy, Roll Hill Academy and Ethel M. Taylor Academy) for the final eight weeks of the school year. Tutors will work with fifth grade students on reading and math skills for 90 minutes of individual instruction every week.

In addition, the network has been concentrating on quality tutoring. Collaborative tutor training and tutor manuals are being developed for volunteer tutors. A Tutoring Seal of Approval evaluation has been developed and funded; an outside evaluator will analyze tutoring providers.

Tutors will be given network-developed collaborative tutor training. At the site level they will be provided a school-approved curriculum and supported by tutor coordinators provided by Project Grad. Student Tutoring Logs have been developed for the tutor coordinators to help ensure communication and alignment to the CPS Pyramid of Intervention. The tutoring logs will allow teachers, coordinators and tutors to monitor tutoring and make certain that children receive targeted help geared toward specific needs and focused on academic indicators.