Reaching “My” Success

by Mary Kosik, Director of Asset Management Services
Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority

October 2019

After graduating from ImpactU in June 2017, I was promoted to Director of Asset Management Services. This was very exciting not only because I was being recognized for work that I was doing, but the promotion included responsibility for two additional departments.

Through ImpactU, I was able to lead additional staff to move toward the mission and goals of CMHA, which supports the applicants, residents and stakeholders who are in need of our services or would like to assist our residents as partners if there are any problems with processes. I have the knowledge to work with staff through meetings and quick huddles each day to identify research, analyze and find solutions as a team so that we are working on the same goals.

I would not trade the experience and friendships that I built while attending ImpactU, however, my greatest achievement since graduation was when one of my staff wrote to the CEO of CMHA and relayed a story about what I had done for a participant in one of our programs who needed assistance because of a domestic violence situation. I did nothing special; I just held her hand and spoke to her about things I would want to hear if and when I would ever get that low in my life.

To be recognized and congratulated by the CEO for something that I did was great. But to be recognized by a co-worker for doing the right thing, is the best feeling. This participant is in the process of purchasing her own home, a place where she can create her own memories in. That is my success!



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