Data support helps to expose enrollment ‘melt’ between CPS and UC

One in four college-bound CPS grads never actually enrolled - until CPS and UC teamed up

For some Cincinnati Public students, college’s toughest challenges can arrive before classes even begin, according to a recent article on

Those challenges can be so overwhelming that some students accepted into a university never actually enroll as a result of financial, personal or other constraints.

When that happens, it’s known as “summer melt.” But working together to tackle the problem, CPS, UC and Cincinnati State Technical and Community College created new supports in an effort to reduce the melt rate before the current academic year.

The issue surfaced in part due to a larger data-sharing collaboration between CPS and 12 colleges and universities, which StrivePartnership helped to facilitate.

"As these institutions dig deeper into localized data, they will be able to transform systems that are unfair barriers to students who happen to have fewer resources or whose families have less experience interacting with colleges and universities," said StrivePartnership executive director Byron White.

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