January 4, 2020

Jordan Bankston founded Forever Kings, Inc. in August 2019. It is a non-profit that works with Boys of Color to redefine, re-imagine and reshape them based on the stigmas and how they are pre-judged. He is creating spaces to guide young men in becoming a man. He is helping to peel back what’s inside their hearts.


Black boys don't get to be vulnerable - they are taught at a young age that it makes them weak. Breaking down the wall is part of the difficult work. It's ok to go to therapy. Hoping to lead the cause with that. It's a safe place and it's ok. Need to create safe places.

Joining Jordan as guests were Kadyn Dudley, a 12th Grade Student at St. Xavier High School, Kenny Gaines III, a 10th grade student at Walnut Hills High School and Tre’Von Cook, a 12th Grade Student at Colerain High School. These young boys are part of the “Original Kings”.


Listen to the audio here.




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