Learning Doesn't Just Happen in the Classroom.

We're All a Part of It.

Beyond systems and institutions, learning happens through community and influencers. It’s all part of what we call the learning ecosystem.
This ecosystem will determine the future of our region's children. It is both intimate and comprehensive, including parents and teachers, mentors and business leaders, grassroots activists and funders.
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StrivePartnership works to ensure this complex ecosystem operates at its very best for every child from cradle to career.
We help the community understand how the learning ecosystem works and shed light on how well it is doing.
We drive strategic analysis and action to guide how our community can best invest and serve on behalf of all learners.
We are motivated by an imperative that we must do better. We are inspired by a conviction that we can do better if we work together, leveraging our assets and courageously confronting the challenges we face.
Cradle to career. Individually. Collectively.

Together, We Strive.

The StrivePartnership team powers the urban education ecosystem by driving strategic analysis and action on how the region can best invest its resources, time and energy to achieve desired milestone outcomes for children and learners.

Accomplishing this requires us to answer three critical questions for how should the community invest.

  • How are children doing cradle to career?
  • How is the ecosystem performing?
  • What national models can assist us?

What is the Learning Ecosystem?

StrivePartnership’s mission begins with a comprehensive understanding of how students learn. Not only do we examine institutions and formal educational programming, we also look at how community and intimate relationships impact learning.
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Parents, Caregivers, Family, Peers.


Mentors, Teachers, Coaches, Ministers.


Social Media, Music.



Neighborhood Associations, Residential Developments, Block Clubs.


Place-based Nonprofits, Schools, Libraries, Health Clinics, Places of Worship.


Neighborhood Businesses.



Faith-based Coalitions, Affinity-based Advocacy Groups, Religious Denominations.


School districts, Universities/Colleges, Regional Nonprofits, Foundations, Local Government, Hospitals.


Corporations, Business Associations, Entreprenurial Engines.


Health Care, Education, Criminal Justice, Housing & Development, Economic, Social Service, Political.

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