Strengthening the Urban Ecosystem.

Strengthening the Urban Ecosystem

Improving Education Outcomes: See the data that's helping drive decisions.

Improving Education Outcomes

Community partners working together to improve student success,


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New programs coming for Cincinnati Public Schools

Changes are coming to some neighborhood schools in Cincinnati to make them more competitive with the highly popular magnet programs. The second graders at Hays-Porter Elementary School are likely not thinking about their future lives but some adults are.

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Class is in Session

Join StrivePartnership every Saturday at 10 a.m. on 1230AM for "Class is in Session", Cincinnati's only radio talk show dedicated to discussing education and our community.

Class is in session

This Summer, we have a great lineup of guests who will be joining us to talk about education, family, and the community: [...] more about Class is in Session

Preschool investment: A 4:1 return?

A new report shows that Cincinnati might get as much as a 4:1 return on its investment in preschool.

The RAND Corporation study, released Friday morning, March 11, 2016, examined 15 full-scale preschool programs throughout the U.S. One of the programs was nationwide, 11 were state-funded and three were district-level.

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Equity Leaders Institute

StrivePartnership, United Way, and The Greater Cincinnati Foundation will be hosting an "Equity Leaders Institute." This training is aimed at developing a common language, gaining content knowledge, and applying an equity lens to existing work.

StrivePartnership plans to host more events and training related to equity and cultural competency. Intersted in joining our efforts to advance equity? Contact Community Impact Manager Nia Baucke at

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Answering Arne Duncan's Five Must-Answer Questions

"To improve outcomes and strengthen schools, we have to invest in quality preschool."

Answering Arne Duncan's Five Must-Answer

In December, then-U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan posed five must-answer questions to the presendential candidates. Since then, none of the questions have been addressed. So, we've taken the liberty of answring the questions ourselves. [...] more about Answering Arne Duncan's Five Must-Answer Questions