Two-Generation Project Earns New Funding and National Talent Hub Designation

Two-Generation Project Earns New Funding and National Talent Hub Designation

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Cincinnati Preschool Promise

Student's Roadmap to Success | Goals & Benchmarks Rollover to learn more about the Strive Partnership and how our community is improving student achievement

SMART Tutoring Network

The SMART Tutoring Network provides awareness of and access to a network of trained, high quality, caring and supportive academic tutors for Cincinnati Public School (CPS) K-8 students. Following the Strive Student’s Roadmap to Success, the Tutoring SSN works to ensure that every elementary student in Cincinnati Public Schools who is receiving tutoring is getting the exact help that he or she needs to establish a successful academic experience from kindergarten through elementary leading to middle school. [...] more about SMART Tutoring Network

Mentoring Works

Mentoring is a strategy for leveraging positive youth development. It is a structured and trusting relationship that brings young people together with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of the mentee. [...] more about Mentoring Works

CPS School Based Mental Health Network

The CPS School Based Mental Health Network is a collaborative led by Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS), the Hamilton County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board, and MindPeace. They partner with children’s mental health providers and the community to facilitate the provision of mental health services to CPS community learning centers as part of the seamless system of care for children.

Some of the many functions of the collaborative are to: [...] more about CPS School Based Mental Health Network

Growing Well Cincinnati

The mission of Growing Well Cincinnati is to create an integrated, coordinated and sustainable system of providers that ensures access to quality health and wellness services for students and their families. Growing Well consists of representatives from 30 organizations, including Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS), local hospitals, neighborhood clinics, the Health Department, the Academy of Medicine, Jobs & Family Service, Legal Aid, YMCA and community health/mental health providers. [...] more about Growing Well Cincinnati

Arts Education Network

The Arts Education Student Success Network is committed to increasing student achievement, accessibility, integration and awareness of the arts. Based on findings of our 2008 analysis, this network has taken on several projects. [...] more about Arts Education Network