Strengthening the Urban Ecosystem.

Strengthening the Urban Ecosystem

Improving Education Outcomes: See the data that's helping drive decisions.

Improving Education Outcomes

Community partners working together to improve student success,


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College Access Alliance

The College Access Alliance consists of more than 25 partners and support organizations that ensure the full range of college access services are provided to the youth they serve. [...] more about College Access Alliance

Diocese of Covington, Alliance for Catholic Urban Education (ACUE)

The Alliance for Catholic Urban Education was formed in 1997. It includes six elementary schools: Holy Cross, Holy Family, Holy Trinity, Prince of Peace, St. Anthony and St. Augustine, and three high schools: Covington Latin, Holy Cross and Newport Central Catholic. The principals formed the alliance in order to meet monthly to discuss similar problems and to find solutions. [...] more about Diocese of Covington, Alliance for Catholic Urban Education (ACUE)

Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Catholic Inner City Schools (CISE)

The urban schools in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, in recognition that the classroom teacher is the leading force in the movement towards maximizing student learning, are participating in the professional growth opportunities offered through the Center for Catholic Education at Xavier University. [...] more about Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Catholic Inner City Schools (CISE)

Newport Independent Schools

During the 2009-2010 school year, several events created excitement and rejuvenation within the Newport Independent School District. Newport Independent Schools received an award for its Newport Early Childhood Initiative and is in the process of reconfiguring the district to increase capacity and maximize the efficiency of resources to meet the needs of its students. [...] more about Newport Independent Schools

Covington Independent Schools

In Covington Independent Public Schools, our district motto is “Destination: Graduation.” Simply, we provide educational opportunities to guide and encourage every child to reach his or her full potential. We engage families, business leaders and community members to assist students, and we offer every student a roadmap to success for college or careers as individualized instruction and learning are integral to students reaching their destination. [...] more about Covington Independent Schools