Two-Generation Project Earns New Funding and National Talent Hub Designation

Two-Generation Project Earns New Funding and National Talent Hub Designation

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Cincinnati Preschool Promise

Student's Roadmap to Success | Goals & Benchmarks Rollover to learn more about the Strive Partnership and how our community is improving student achievement

Newport Independent Schools

During the 2009-2010 school year, several events created excitement and rejuvenation within the Newport Independent School District. Newport Independent Schools received an award for its Newport Early Childhood Initiative and is in the process of reconfiguring the district to increase capacity and maximize the efficiency of resources to meet the needs of its students. [...] more about Newport Independent Schools

Covington Independent Schools

In Covington Independent Public Schools, our district motto is “Destination: Graduation.” Simply, we provide educational opportunities to guide and encourage every child to reach his or her full potential. We engage families, business leaders and community members to assist students, and we offer every student a roadmap to success for college or careers as individualized instruction and learning are integral to students reaching their destination. [...] more about Covington Independent Schools

Cincinnati Public Schools

At Cincinnati Public Schools, numerous efforts are being made to accelerate academic achievement for all students – ensuring that they are fully aligned with Strive’s Roadmap to Success. The district has been making strides among all students, with tremendous gains at the high school level. In fact, the graduation rate has increased by more than 30 percent over the last 10 years, and high school students are being exposed to dozens of career interest programs that prepare them for lucrative jobs that are driving our 21st-century marketplace. [...] more about Cincinnati Public Schools

STEM High School

The Hughes STEM High School in CPS opened to 300 freshmen in August 2009. The school building includes grades 10-12 (650 students), with STEM-related programs, including Health & Communications Professions and the Cincinnati Academy of Math & Science, Teaching & Technology, and the Zoo Academy. The 2010-11 freshman cohort will add another 350 students to the high school. [...] more about STEM High School

Youth Career Access Network

Youth CAN is a collaborative of more than 20 partners and support organizations that provides education, employment and training, career planning, and support services for youth ages 14 through 24 in Cincinnati and Hamilton County who are from homes with low incomes and who face barriers to success. Members ensure that youth, in and out of school, are involved in meaningful experiences that lead to high school graduation or a general equivalency diploma (GED), postsecondary education or certified training, and ultimately gainful employment. [...] more about Youth Career Access Network