Strengthening the Urban Ecosystem.

Strengthening the Urban Ecosystem

Improving Education Outcomes: See the data that's helping drive decisions.

Improving Education Outcomes

Community partners working together to improve student success,


Student's Roadmap to Success | Goals & Benchmarks Rollover to learn more about the Strive Partnership and how our community is improving student achievement

Ascend Performance Institute Launches

The Ascend Performance Institute will host 21 local schools this June: 17 CPS, 3 Covington, and 1 Archdiocese.  Ten schools from Dayton will also participate.

Ascend is a two-year program focused on boosting school-level performance.

To read more about Ascend, visit its website (

Below are links to a recent Cincinnati Enquirer story and editorial:

CPS gets outside help with training [...] more about Ascend Performance Institute Launches

How three cities are solving big problems


The great work taking place in Cininnati, Covington and Newport was highlighted in this article,  "How three cities are solving big problems."  This quote from Strive President Jeff Edmondson speaks to the value of leveraging data effectively to improve outcomes for kids: [...] more about How three cities are solving big problems

The Cradle-to-Career Solution

Strive, a cradle-to-career program, is being emulated across the country and was spearheaded in 2006 by Nancy Zimpher, who was then president of The University of Cincinnati and is now chancellor of the State University of New York. [...] more about The Cradle-to-Career Solution

Teachers going on ultimate field trip

(From the Cincinnati Enquirer)

Ten local teachers will embark this summer on the adventures of their lives in exotic locations around the world - all in the name of education.

The Cincinnati Public Schools teachers won travel grants from the Fund for Teachers, a Houston-based, donor-supported group that pays teachers to travel to become better teachers. The organization expanded into Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for the first time this year through a partnership with the Strive Partnership, a national Cincinnati-based education advocacy group. [...] more about Teachers going on ultimate field trip

United Way Social Research Council: opportunity for input

The Social Research Council, a committee of the United Way of Greater Cincinnati, is helping develop briefing papers that provide situational analysis and key background information for the three United Way key areas: education, income, and health.  The education research task force is a subcommittee of the Social Research Council, and is advertising the following opportunity for anyone wishing to help inform the development of the education briefing paper. Please see invitation below:

Dear Education Leader: [...] more about United Way Social Research Council: opportunity for input