Learning Partner Dashboard

Learning Partner Dashboard (LPD) was designed to enable student-level academic and non-academic data to be shared appropriately across partners in a timely manner to empower Educational Leaders and Youth Service Professionals to take action that impacts student performance/achievement.

Cincinnati Public Schools joined together with StrivePartnership to build the system, partnering with a volunteer from Microsoft to organize a virtual "Give Camp" where over 20 developers from across the country contributed to the development.

It is being used in 2 school districts.

  • Cincinnati Public Schools: LPD is a Student Service Resource that allows you to track which students are getting which services from which partners. Also provides Resource Coordinators access to academic, attendance and demographic information (District uploads the data nightly) for the students in their school/CLC and partners access to academic and attendance information for the students in their programs.
  • Covington Public Schools: LPD serves as a data warehouse and provides a resource for the district to take a comprehensive look at each student's historical performance on tests.