Tableau Competition

StrivePartnership recently had the opportunity to supply data for a national Tableau sponsored competition, known as the “War of TUG’s” (TUG’s is short for Tableau User Groups).  The competition saw 28 submissions from 16 user groups across the country (and globe).  The user groups’ submissions helped contextualize the education data, which is both rich and complex. These vizzes showed a key insight, namely the impact of poverty on school performance. This relationship has been researched in the past, but visualizing the data highlights the connection and better allows us to look for the bright spots in the group.  

Judging was performed by Tableau Zen Masters, Tableau team members, and StrivePartnership’s own Geoff Zimmerman.  The winning entry came via our local Cincinnati TUG – An Examination of Ohio Schools.  

Read a full overview and recap of the competition and results here: