Welcome Marina Hopkins to the StrivePartnership Team!

StrivePartnership is happy to announce our newest addition to the team: Marina Hopkins!  Marina will be responsible for managing and growing the Be the Change tutor recruitment campaign with United Way and CPS.  She will also work with our partners to establish volunteer pathways that align to each of our shared outcomes and to recruit volunteers for those pathways. This position adds new dimension to the StrivePartnership’s work, allowing us to go beyond aligning philanthropic and financial resources to what works and begin aligning one of our community’s most important assets to support student achievement – its people. 

Since 2006, Marina has been working as the Community Resource Coordinator with the Urban League.  She spent two years at Burton Elementary and the last six years at Woodward Career & Technical High School.  In this role she’s been responsible for connecting the school and community, managing all the partnerships within the school, and identifying additional resources for students.  She is a 2012 graduate of the National Urban League Emerging Leaders Program.  

Marina fully believes that our children deserve the best no matter what.  She has a deep and abiding passion for public education and believes that strong community engagement is key to providing a fertile environment in which all the children of Cincinnati can grow and learn to their fullest potential.  She has received so many great opportunities as a young person and wants to share that with others.