Seize the opportunity, expand early-child learning

"Seize the opportunity, expand early-child learning." That was the message in an op-ed signed by John E. Pepper Jr., Former chairman and CEO of Procter & Gamble, James M Zimmerman, former chairman and CEO of Macy's; Stephanie Byrd, exective director of Success By 6; and Greg Landsman, executive director of the Strive Partnership June 28th. 

"Students being held back. Increased risk of dropouts. Vastly increased costs. No wonder there is a sense of fear surrounding Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee, as was well-described in The Enquirer’s front-page article (“Schools scurry so kids won’t flunk 3rd-grade reading test,” June 25). However, we have the opportunity to do much better – provided we seize it."

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