The Strive Partnership, BRIDGES for a Just Community, and Public Allies Cincinnati Launch Educational Partnership to Better Serve Young People



 CINCINNATI ( April 16, 2013) -- The Strive Partnership and BRIDGES for a Just Community announced a new pilot project with Public Allies Cincinnati, a program of BRIDGES, designed to help improve educational outcomes in the urban core of Greater Cincinnati. Public Allies identifies diverse and passionate emerging leaders who support community projects in partnership with local nonprofit organizations. This fall, up to 50 percent of the Allies will be placed with partner organizations that focus on providing academic and family support for students in Cincinnati, Covington, and Newport.

 Together, The Strive Partnership, BRIDGES, and Public Allies Cincinnati, will invite the incoming Public Allies class and partner organizations to participate in this collaborative pilot initiative. This unique partnership will further advance BRIDGES’ focus on educational equity and human relations, and The Strive Partnership’s goal of improving outcomes for children and students from birth through a meaningful career. 

“This is an important partnership, and we couldn’t be more excited to be working more closely with BRIDGES and Public Allies Cincinnati,” said Greg Landsman, Executive Director of The Strive Partnership, “Our work is all about aligning existing resources around what works for children, cradle to career, and Public Allies – and the wonderful leaders who are part of this program each year – is nothing short of a very significant asset in our community that together we will leverage for greater impact and change.” 

The Strive Partnership rallies its effort around eight critical indicators of success: kindergarten readiness, 4th grade reading proficiency, 8th grade math proficiency, high school graduation rates and ACT scores, and postsecondary enrollment, retention and completion. It is also focused on non-academic measures that are critical to student success. Members of Public Allies will be placed in partner organizations that are working toward one or more of the shared goals and outcomes of The Strive Partnership, including those non-academic measures such as housing, access to healthy foods, and other support services.  The work of BRIDGES and Public Allies Cincinnati advances equity and champions inclusion that strengthens the educational environment for students. 

 “When young people feel supported and welcomed in their schools and community, the results are greater educational achievement,” said Lynnette M. Heard, President and CEO of BRIDGES. “As an outcome of this partnership, students, parents, educators and other key stakeholders will feel more connected, capable and contributing in creating respectful and inclusive school environments.”

 Founded in 2006, The Strive Partnership unites leaders from various sectors to improve student outcomes in the urban core of Greater Cincinnati. The partnership accomplishes its work through collaborative action. The Strive Partnership is a subsidiary of KnowledgeWorks. KnowledgeWorks is bringing the future of learning to America’s high schools and creating widespread, lasting change in the communities and states we serve. Our portfolio of school approaches includes New Tech Network schools, and EDWorks’ New Start, Fast Track and STEM schools.

BRIDGES for a Just Community equips people with awareness, skills, and opportunities to develop relationships that will engage and transform our region into a more equitable and just community. As the region’s leading human relations organization, BRIDGES’ vision is to create a respectful, equitable and welcoming community for all citizens through education, advocacy and dialogue. The programs, services, and initiatives of BRIDGES for a Just Community are among the most important work focused on creating a more inclusive society. It is the unfinished business of living in a highly diverse nation: educating and empowering our next generation of leaders; enhancing our workplaces; and helping to create inclusive communities. BRIDGES, which has been serving schools, organizations, workplaces, and communities since 1944, builds on a historic mission and creates programs and activities relevant and vital to 21st Century life. It is a journey we can all take together. For more information, call BRIDGES at 513-381-4660 or visit online at