Data and Information Resources

Strive compiled this resource directory to help you find and explore the wealth of local, state, and national data that is relevant to P-16 education in the urban core of Greater Cincinnati.  Postsecondary Education Data 

Pathways to College: College Access and Success Resources visit website NCES: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System - visit website The Education Trust: College Results Online - visit website Kentucky Postsecondary Education Data Portal - visit website Ohio Board of Regents Higher Education Information (HEI) - visit website Ohio Board of Regents Performance Reports and High School Transition Reports -  visit website  Local Data Centers, Reports, and Resources 

  1. Southwest Ohio Regional Data Center - visit website Online Analysis and Statistical Information System (OASIS) - visit website Community Research Collaborative, State of the Community Database - visit website Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati: Health Data Resources - visit website
  2. Health Landscape - visit website
  3. UC Economics Center for Education and Research: Studies - visit website
  4. Data Center - visit website
  5. KnowledgeWorks: Primer - read the latest essay
  6. KnowledgeWorks: Fast Facts - view Ohio and National data
  7. Map of Future Forces Affecting Education - visit website
  8. Ohio's Education Matters Poll - visit the Data Center

Local and Regional Reports   State of the Community Report and Maps - view reports Archived Reports: 2004 | 2006 Indicators of Healthy Communities - view the report Archived Reports: 2003 | 2006 State of Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati Nonprofit Sector Sustainable Cincinnati - view the reports Archived Reports: 2002 | 2005 Cincinnati Metropatterns - download report The Social Areas of Cincinnati - visit website A Survey of Racial Attitudes in Cincinnati - download report Homeless in Cincinnati - visit website UC Presidents Report Card - visit website NKU Strategic Agenda -  visit website Applied Information Resources - visit website League of Women's Voters: Cincinnati Area Publications and Research - visit website  Greater Cincinnati Foundation Reports:  

  1. Cincinnati in Black and White 2001-2006 - visit website
  2. Social Capital in Greater Cincinnati - visit website
  3. Capital and Endowment Needs Assessment for Cultural Institutions - visit website
  4. Community Investment Partners Final Report - visit website
  5. Future Directions II: Listening to the Community -  visit website

 Government Data  

  1. Hamilton County Report Card -  visit website
  2. Hamilton County Data Center -  visit website
  3. Community COMPASS: State of the County Reports (Hamilton County) - visit website Kenton County Comprehensive Plan - visit website
  4. Campbell County Economic Progress Authority - visit website Ohio Kentucky Indiana (OKI): Maps & Data - visit website Northern Kentucky Tri-Ed - visit website
  5. Northern Kentucky Link-GIS - visit website

 Cincinnati USA Resources  

  1. Cincinnati USA Partnership Economic Outlook -  visit website
  2. Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber: Regional Business Data - visit website Identification of Industry Clusters for Guiding Economic Development Efforts in Cincinnati USA - view report 

State Data Resources and Report Cards

 State of Ohio  

  1. Ohio Office of Strategic Research (State Census Data Center) - visit website
  2. Ohio Labor Market Information (LMI) - visit website Economic Development Profiles - visit website Employment Projections by Occupation and Industry - visit website
  3. Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services - visit website Ohio Department of Health Information Warehouse - visit website Achieve Report - visit website 

 State of Kentucky  

  1. Kentucky State Data Center (State Census Data Center) - visit website
  2. Pritchard Committee Publications and Resources - visit website
  3. Data Warehouse for Substance Abuse Prevention - visit website
  4. Kentucky GIS Resources - visit website
  5. Kentucky Community Profiles - visit website
  6. Crime in Kentucky - visit website Kentucky Economic Statistics - visit website Kentucky Education Facts - visit website
  7. Department of Public Health Data Warehouse - visit website Kentucky Data Resources - visit website

 School Report Cards   Ohio Ohio School Report Cards - visit websiteOhio Power Users Reports - visit website Kentucky Kentucky School Report Cards - visit website Kentucky MAX Data System - visit website Kentucky CATS System - visit website School Data Direct - visit website  Archived School Report Cards: Cincinnati City School District 2000 | 2001-02 | 2002-03 | 2003-04 2004-05 | 2005-06 | 2006-07 Source: Ohio Dept. of Education  Newport Independent School District 2001-02 | 2002-03 | 2003-04 2004-05 | 2005-06 Source: Kentucky Dept. of Education   Covington Independent School District 2001-02 | 2002-03 | 2003-04 2004-05 | 2005-06 Source: Kentucky Dept. of Education  

National Data Resources

  1. National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) - visit website
  2. NCES: The Nation’s Report Card - visit website
  3. NCES: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) - visit website
  4. International Archive of Education Data - visit website
  5. UVA County and City Data Books - visit website
  6. National Center for Health Statistics - visit website
  7. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - visit website
  8. Bureau of Economic Analysis - visit website
  9. Uniform Crime Reports (FBI) - visit website
  10. Population Reference Bureau - visit website
  11. Social Science Data Analysis Network - visit website
  12. Community Economic Toolbox - visit website
  13. DataPlace - visit website
  14. FedStats - visit website 

 Census Bureau Resources American FactFinder - visit website American Community Survey - visit website Current Population Survey - visit website  2006 American Community Survey Online Profiles Cincinnati City School District  - visit website City of Cincinnati - visit website Hamilton County, OH - visit website Campbell County, KY - visit website Kenton County, KY - visit website Cincinnati Metropolitan Statistical Area - visit website State of Ohio - visit website State of Kentucky - visit website  Note: The 2006 American Community Survey (ACS) does not present data for geographic areas with a population less than 65,000.... More  2000 Decennial Census Online Profiles City of Newport, KY - visit website City of Covington, KY - visit website City of Cincinnati, OH - visit website Hamilton County, OH - visit website Kenton County, KY - visit website Campbell County, KY - visit website State of Ohio - visit website State of Kentucky - visit website  Topical Briefs Educational Attainment: 2000 - visit website 

Early Childhood Data Sources

KIDS COUNT Data Online (CLIKS) Kentucky KIDS COUNT Repository Ohio KIDS COUNT Data Book Ohio KIDS COUNT Fact Sheets Child Policy Research Center: Data Resources and Links Child Trends Databank Child Care Resources in Ohio (ODJFS)