United Way Social Research Council: opportunity for input

The Social Research Council, a committee of the United Way of Greater Cincinnati, is helping develop briefing papers that provide situational analysis and key background information for the three United Way key areas: education, income, and health.  The education research task force is a subcommittee of the Social Research Council, and is advertising the following opportunity for anyone wishing to help inform the development of the education briefing paper. Please see invitation below:

Dear Education Leader:

As you may know, the United Way of Greater Cincinnati funds programs on a three year cycle. To prepare for the 2013-2015 funding cycle, United Way is developing briefing papers that provide a situational analysis and key background information to help United Way volunteers and staff make responsible and creative funding decisions.

Education is one of three topics for which these briefing papers are being developed (along with income and health). The education research task force, a sub-committee of The United Way of Greater Cincinnati Research Council on which I serve, is asking for your help in developing its briefing paper.  While the task force has the capacity to generate the relevant data, your on-the-ground experience is necessary to identify the "story lines" that animate the data regarding educational trends in our region.

Consequently, we cordially invite you to attend a meeting on June 9th from 8-10 a.m. in Room C at the United Way's new Firth Third Convening Center, 2400 Reading Road.  At this lively session, you and your peers will share and develop the stories of frustration and possibility that are present in the educational community today.  While the substance of the meeting is critical and will be meticulously captured, the format will be informal and conversation driven, as our goal is to hear the breadth of your perspectives rather than come to any defining consensus.

Please RSVP by emailing jeffreystec@gmail.com so we can accurately prepare the room and refreshments.