High School Graduation Rate, Covington Independent Schools

The State of Kentucky defines the graduation rate as the percentage of students entering a high school in the ninth grade that graduate in four years. Many students, especially in urban areas, move between schools within or outside of their school district, making accurate calculation difficult and expensive.
Kentucky will soon be moving to a standard four year adjusted cohort rate that will more accurately account for students. The current high school graduation rate is a calculation.  It takes the number of graduates and divides them by the number of 9th graders four years earlier, accounting for students who transfer out. The new rate, the ‘four year adjusted cohort rate’ is not a calculation.  It’s an actual accounting of students who start in 9th grade and graduate for years later, based on tracking students by their student id. Kentucky has targeted to report the new graduation rate in the 2013-14 school year.


What It Tells Us:
Covington Independent Schools’ graduation rate has fluctuated over recent years. However, the graduation rate increased 3 percentage points over the previous year.
Note: 2009-10 data is not presented for the school districts as graduation rates lag one yar on the state report cards to account for summer graduates.