College/Career Readiness (High School Graduation): Taking The Next Step

Why Is It Important?

Landing a quality or successful career without a high school diploma or GED is extremely difficult. High school dropouts are 4x more likely to be unemployed as those who have completed 4 years of college. ACT scores also plays a role in determining the future of a high school student. Colleges use the ACT to determine a student’s academic preparedness for postsecondary education. The 21st Century global economy demands education beyond high school, whether it is a high-skilled certification, a 2-year or 4-year degree. Students, families and teachers must have access to college and career information and support and financial barriers must be eliminated.

Greater Cincinnati’s colleges and universities have troves of data on Cincinnati Public School graduates that have been carefully siloed and used internally.

StrivePartnership has partnerships with local school districts, including Cincinnati Public Schools, to support data collection and analysis for P-12 students.

Thanks to a new collaboration between CPS and area colleges and universities, StrivePartnership is supporting a new era of effectively tracking CPS students, and the ability to intervene as necessary is about to unfold.

“It’s going to be a pretty powerful tool for us when we’re talking about readiness and success,” said Dr. Kathie Maynard, associate dean of innovation and community partnerships in the University of Cincinnati’s College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services.

By sharing data and methodology, UC and CPS will be able to break out student data in numerous useful ways – by underrepresented race, first-generation college students, by individual high school, etc.

The collaboration, which StrivePartnership is helping to facilitate, is in the midst of finishing Phase 1, creating a demonstration dashboard with 2007-18 data on CPS students that will be used to assess readiness, access and success.

Phase 2 will explore the data and Phase 3 will be ongoing analysis, with continuous improvements, Maynard said.

“For us, it’s not only about getting that data. It’s actually making that data extremely useful so we can make better informed programmatic decisions, refine and improve continually,” she said.

But the collaboration is only beginning with UC, which plans to share its framework and data with other Greater Cincinnati higher-ed institutions as they band together to figure out best practices for shepherding CPS students to success.

ACT Test

A national test given to students in order to present standardized material meant to judge preparedness for college entrance. This test is scored with 36 as the maximum score and contains five sections.*

Cincinnati, Ohio

Covington, Kentucky

Newport, Kentucky

*ACT tests included in the date changed in 2016-17 for Ohio.

 All data as of December 17, 2018