Cradle to Career

The StrivePartnership team powers the urban education ecosystem by driving strategic analysis and action on how the region can best invest its resources, time and energy to achieve desired milestone outcomes for children and learners.

Accomplishing this requires us to answer three critical questions for how should the community invest.

  • How are children doing cradle to career?
  • How is the ecosystem performing?
  • What national models can assist us?

Success Outcomes

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StrivePartnership tracks outcome data related to six critical milestones along the cradle-to-career continuum to determine the success of every child and learner, and to assess the effectiveness of the learning ecosystem.

These milestones — organized around Success Outcomes in Early Learning, Middle and High School, and Post-secondary — are:

Each milestone is tracked through the analysis of a primary indicator and complementary indicators. And each initiative that StrivePartnership manages or supports is aligned to improve at least one of these indicators.

Focus Areas

For each Success Outcome, we have identified a Strategic Focus – that is, a key driver for improving outcomes in that area.
These Strategic Focus areas currently are: Early Learning System Alignment, Middle-grade Math Literacy, and Post-secondary Career Bridges. A fourth area of Strategic Focus – Equitable Neighborhoods – aligns with our “Ecosystem Excellence” Success Outcome, which supports improvements across all the milestones.
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Early Learning Success

Early Learning System Alignment: While the Cincinnati area is fortunate to have a host of formidable early learning networks, their efforts are only loosely coordinated.
If there were greater interdependence among them, particularly in their accessibility to families most in need of their services, their collective impact would be multiplied.

Middle & High School Success

Middle Grade Math Literacy: Dramatically improving math outcomes will require the community’s investment in a sustained campaign dedicated to promoting math proficiency for all students: a Math Mindset Movement.

Post-Secondary Success

Post-secondary Career Bridges: Although there is increased intentionality by K-12 school systems, institutions of higher education and employers to assist students in achieving post-secondary success, they lack the capacity to track students as they transition back and forth across these systems.

Ecosystem Excellence

Equitable Neighborhoods: Cincinnati must offer greater opportunities for low-income residents to retain their residence over time in communities with neighbors of greater economic means, rather than in isolated communities of high poverty and economic distress, if outcomes for all families and children are going to dramatically improve.

Field Councils

Each Success Outcome is supported by a Field Council made up of frontline practitioners who engage students and learners.
Each Council is made up of eight to 12 people who provide guidance and assessment of StrivePartnership’s active work and identify opportunities and needs for sta support.


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The actions we will take to achieve these outcomes are captured as priority initiatives in each Outcome Area.

Strategic Focus:
Early Learning System Alignment

Cincinnati Preschool Enrollment Application

This intervention will complete an impact analysis of the process for enrolling in preschool to identify an impactful intervention in the application process.

Covington Kindergarten Readiness Collaborative

SP will deploy Equitable Results and Results- Based Facilitation tools to assist the Collaborative in defining measurable objectives, instill partner accountability, enlist community voice, and co-create strategies to improve outcomes for children.

Strategic Focus:
Middle Grade Math Literacy

Networks for School Improvement in 8th Grade Math

With funding from the Gates Foundation, SP is working with CPS, with technical support from CCHMC, to advance continuous quality improvement practices among 8th grade math teachers in 10 CPS schools to improve middle-grade math scores in 8th grade math and Algebra 1 through a Network for School Improvement.

Strategic Focus:
Post-Secondary Career Bridges

Data Infrastructure for Student Post-secondary Success

SP serves as a facilitator between CPS and 12 regional colleges and universities to develop a platform to share a more extensive set of data as way of increasing shared accountability for the success of CPS students as they transition to college.

Ohio Attainment Goal Ground Game

With funding from ST’s Strategic Initiatives Fund, SP, in collaboration with Learn 2 Earn Dayton and the Summit Education Initiative in Akron, has worked over the past year to motivate and equip Ohio’s nine cradle-to-career organizations to lead eorts to re-enroll individuals who “stopped-out” of college before obtaining a degree as part of Ohio’s eorts to increase the number of adults with a degree or credential from 44.6% to 65% by 2025.

Strategic Focus:
Equitable Neighborhood

Collective Impact 3.0

SP works with other backbone organizations to define the parameters of a truly equitable neighborhood along several dimensions, including demographic makeup, culture and lifestyle, and public investment. We will endeavor to meet and sustain those factors over 10 years within select neighborhoods to establish mixed-income sustainability and ensure economic mobility for all residents.

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