Time for action on childhood hunger

In her guest column, Sue Wilke calls attention to the issue of poverty in the city of Cincinnati - specifically, how "poverty as a major issue does not appear on any major community-wide agenda."

Wilke also presents her readers with the impact that this issue has on childhood hunger: "The impact on children is heart-breaking. If education is the way out and the way up, how can we not pay attention when 65 percent of elementary school teachers say that students regularly come to their classes hungry?"

She calls for a collaborative effort from the leaders of Cincinnati, the business community, and the local non-profits in order to create change. If the city of Cincinnati is to succeed in ending childhood hunger, we must bring all of our resources together.

To read this whole story, and to see how Wilke ties this challenge to the work of the Strive Partnership, follow this link: Time for action on childhood hunger