Foundation for Learning

Geoff Zimmerman writes a monthly education blog for the Community Research Collaborative (CRC), a research partnership between the University of Cincinnati and United Way of Greater Cincinnati.  The CRC helps policymakers, community leaders, and service providers to identify the health, social, and economic issues facing the Greater Cincinnati area.  An excerpt from the March entry and a link to the full text is below.

"Last month, we took a look at local educational attainment data - the percentage of the population that has attained various levels of education by age 25.  That told us how our region is doing at the “end” of the traditional education pipeline.  This month, we’ll look at the beginning of the pipeline and explore how we are doing when children arrive at school.  Increasing kindergarten readiness is one of the most important goals we can tackle together as a region – it truly sets the foundation for learning in primary and secondary education and all the way up through postsecondary and beyond.

United Way of Greater Cincinnati and Success By 6® are leading important local efforts to move the needle on kindergarten readiness and are doing a fantastic job of advancing data informed strategies to increase the number of children who are prepared for school when they enter kindergarten.  Success By 6 is a national United Way strategy in more than 350 cities across the country focused on improving school readiness through local community change. Locally, Success By 6 has a wide variety of strategies and indicators on a number of child well-being indicators in their latest data report, Successful Starts, Second Edition. "

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