Strive: bridging differences

Last month, the Washington Post ran this letter from educational historian Diane Ravitch to Deborah Meier, the co-author of Ravitch’s Bridging Differences blog on Education Week. In the letter, Ravitch talks about her year, the state of education reform and policy in the U.S., and the promising work she thought worthy of highlighting. Among these promising efforts was the work of the Strive Partnership in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Ravitch says the following:

“The other interesting place I visited was Cincinnati. I met with the Strive Partnership, a group that coordinates the efforts of civic organizations, businesses, social-service agencies, and others who want to improve the lives of children. I was impressed by the mobilization of community support on behalf of the children and by the breadth of Strive’s outreach, as well as the scope of its vision. If there were more cities as organized as Cincinnati, the prospects for civic renewal and educational improvement would be far brighter.”

The Strive Partnership is currently supporting similar efforts in cities across the country including: Richmond, VA; Oakland, CA; Portland, OR; and Houston, TX. On February 1 and 2 of this year, Strive will convene its national partners and other interested organizations in Washington, D.C. For information on this important event, please contact Jeff Edmondson at Strive 513-929-1145.