Newport Independent Schools

During the 2009-2010 school year, several events created excitement and rejuvenation within the Newport Independent School District. Newport Independent Schools received an award for its Newport Early Childhood Initiative and is in the process of reconfiguring the district to increase capacity and maximize the efficiency of resources to meet the needs of its students.

The Newport Preschool Center earned Kentucky’s top childcare program rating. Operating in partnership between Newport Independent Schools and Children Inc.,the center received a four-star rating from KIDS NOW, Kentucky’s Early Childhood Initiative. It became one of only 13 four-star programs in Kentucky, indicating it meets quality indicators above the standards required by licensing regulations.

In addition, the Newport Independent School District is working toward a plan that will close one school building and configure grades in other schools as follows: Newport Primary (grades K-3), Newport Intermediate (grades 4-6), Newport Junior High (grades 7-9) and Newport High School (grades 10-12). Based on research and data collected from Strives Student’s Roadmap to Success, the district feels that it is better able to maximize resources and make strategic plans that will align its early childhood initiative with programming K-12. Through the use of partnerships, student success networks and Six Sigma analysis, Newport Independent Schools is moving to bring into line internal and external resources at key transition years to meet the academic and holistic needs of our students.