Diocese of Covington, Alliance for Catholic Urban Education (ACUE)

The Alliance for Catholic Urban Education was formed in 1997. It includes six elementary schools: Holy Cross, Holy Family, Holy Trinity, Prince of Peace, St. Anthony and St. Augustine, and three high schools: Covington Latin, Holy Cross and Newport Central Catholic. The principals formed the alliance in order to meet monthly to discuss similar problems and to find solutions.

The urban schools of the Diocese of Covington, in working to improve student achievement, have adopted a reading series designed specifically for grades K through 2. The program utilizes systematic multimodal learning techniques applied to reading, writing and spelling. The goal is for each child to be reading automatically by the time he or she completes second grade.

In mathematics, teachers focus on the three focal points specific to grade level as identified by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The ultimate goal is that each child comprehends a deeper and fuller understanding of grade level appropriate mathematic concepts.