Arts Education Network

The Arts Education Student Success Network is committed to increasing student achievement, accessibility, integration and awareness of the arts. Based on findings of our 2008 analysis, this network has taken on several projects.

• Arts Integration Pilot Program: piloted in 2009-2010 in third grade classrooms at four schools (Bond Hill, Roselawn Condon, Douglass, Hoffman Parham). Artists work in the classroom once a week for 8-10 weeks, with the teacher, aligning arts experiences to the curriculum. Initial evidence of students’ success includes teamwork, pride, risk taking, creativity, problem solving, innovation and leadership.

• Increase Arts Integration Professional Development opportunities for preprofessional and professional educators by partnering with other organizations. In partnership with the Greater Cincinnati Arts Alliance for Education, close to 50 educators participated in a workshop featuring breakout sessions in visual art, dance, theater and music taught in conjunction with state mandated standards in language arts, social studies and science.

•   Creative Activities After School: For 2009-2010, artists have worked with three after school organizations to provide meaningful learning experiences in theatre, dance, music and visual art. Evidence of learning includes critical thinking skills such as goal setting, planning and decision making.

• Awareness: During the Fine Arts Fund Sampler Weekend the Get Smart About Art Festival was a 360-degree arts experience, where visitors learn about the many arts resources in our region. New this year was STUDIO 2010, an exclusive space for young people grades 6-12, and a multigenerational drum circle.