Kindergarten Readiness, Cincinnati

Cincinnati Public Schools work with Success By 6® to assess the readiness of every student that enters kindergarten. The district uses the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment for Literacy (KRA-L) that measures elements of vocabulary and literacy development that are critical for later reading success.  

The KRA-L helps teachers identify early reading skills. KRA-L scores can range from 0-29. Success By 6® has determined a KRA-L score of 19 or higher as being on track for kindergarten readiness. A score below 19 does not necesarily indicate that a child should not be in kindergarten; rather it can help identify that the child may need extra support.  


What It Tells Us: 

53 percent of children entering kindergarten in fall of 2010 tested 19 or above. The data has not seen a change from the previous year but has increased 9 percentage points since the baseline year.  

For context, other school districts in Ohio administer the KRA-L, but not all districts assign a cutoff score and calculate the percentage of students assessed as ready for school. However, the average score in KRA-L score is available across districts. In 2008-09 the average score was 17.5. By comparison Columbus was 16.4, Toledo was 17.2 and Cleveland was 15.6. The State of Ohio average was 18.8.  

*Cincinnati Public Schools uses the KRA-L, an Ohio mandated kindergarten assessment, and Covington and Newport School Districts use the DIAL-3 to measure readiness for school. Therefore, the results are not comparable across states.