College Enrollment, Covington Independent Schools

Covington Independent Schools (CIS) use the National Student Clearinghouse to get an accurate account of how many graduates enroll in college. The National Student Clearinghouse is a third-party data warehouse that collects enrollment data from over 90 percent of colleges in the U.S.   

The National Student Clearinghouse presents data on how many students enroll in college after high school graduation.    


What It Tells Us:   

The percentage of Covington Independent graduates who enroll in college at any time during the first two years after high school is 61% in 2009, which was a 3 percentage point increase from the previous year and a 16 percentage point increase from the baseline year. The majority of Covington Independent School graduates who enroll in college enroll in a Kentucky institution, and the majority of those students attend Northern Kentucky University.

The National Student Clearinghouse reports a number of different measures of college enrollment.  Below is a graph of the percent of high school graduates who enroll in college the fall immediately following graduation from high school as well as a list of the most common institutions of initial enrollment.    


Most Common Institutions of Initial Enrollment for All Classes - by Number of Students    

1. Gateway Community and Technical College - 255 students    

2. Northern Kentucky University - 236 students    

3. Cincinnati State Community and Technical College - 44 students    

4. University of Kentucky - 35 students    

5. Eastern Kentucky University - 33 students    

6. Morehead State University - 26 students    

7. Thomas Moore College - 23 students    

8. University of Louisville - 20 students    

9. University of Cincinnati - 17 students    

10. National College of Business and Technology, Florence - 8 students